We are a trading company dedicated to promoting and improving the circulation efficiency of characteristic agricultural products in Guangxi, China. Our main focus is to bring more value to our customers and create ample room for growth.
Leveraging the region's ad vantageous geographical position, we primarily specialize in exporting Flavorful spices like star anise, cinnamon, and dried chili from Guangxi, while also promoting the distinctive agricultural offerings to global markets.
High quality spice
Star Anise
Dried chilli
High quality origin

We come from the growing environment deep in the mountains of Guangxi, the natural environment is rich in star anise and cinnamon
Original ecological planting

Planted in the mountains, the original ecological plantation, no pesticides, more healthy and organic.
Carefully selected

Products are strictly screened, sorted and packaged according to standardized procedures.
Professional Service

Engaged in foreign trade for 20 years, well aware of customer needs, integration of procurement and sales, quality assurance, and efficient service.
Why choose us
Our Competitive Edge
Advantageous Team
Our CEO brings a wealth of experience in supply chain management, gained from their tenure in a prominent corporation. Additionally, our company benefits from the expertise of agricultural specialists with 15 years of experience in product cultivation, as well as professionals with 20 years of foreign trade export experience. Together, they meticulously inspect the quality of our products.
Localization Services
Our core team has established deep roots in Guangxi over the years, acquiring an intimate understanding of China's and Guangxi's distinctive planting resources. Leveraging our local expertise and superior resources, we efficiently deliver professional services to our clients.
Resource Superiority
By prioritizing stringent product quality control, we seamlessly integrate logistics, capital, and product resources within our supply chain. This enables us to offer our customers top-notch spice products at competitive prices.