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1. What are the differences between the red star anise and star anise?

Big red star anise is one of the varieties of star anise. It is mainly harvested in autumn, and the yield is very high. It is essentially different from other star anises in terms of yield and harvest.

2. How to apply the red star anise in life

1. Big red star anise is widely used in cooking. It can be used when cooking, marinating, making sauce, and burning. It can remove the fishy smell in the dish, increase the fragrance of the dish, and increase everyone's appetite.

2. When the meat is stewed and the bones are boiled, adding red star anise can dilute the meaty secretions and increase the flavor of the meat.

3. When making some pickled products, add red star anise to increase the mellowness of these pickled products, and they will taste particularly delicious after they are marinated.

The application of big red star anise is far more than these, there are many uses, its characteristics are also many, the output is particularly high, it has a lot of help for our life, and the market price is also relatively expensive, because the number of production areas is not very special. There are many, so red star anise is also a relatively scarce ingredient.

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